Thread Cutting Technology

Thread Cutting Technology

EMUGE’s finesse and diversity in the field of thread cutting technology is unmatched. For virtually every material and all thread systems worldwide, we offer the tool that is suitable for optimizing production.

They are categorized as:

  • Thread Cutting Taps
  • Thread Forming
  • Thread Milling

EMUGE-FRANKEN India Pvt. Ltd. offers Cutting Taps & Cold Forming Taps as a part of our standard product catalogue.

For customized requirements, we cater with tailor-made solutions for threaded tools for any type of material, machine and cutting speeds across the gamut of different manufacturing environments.

Constantly undergoing development, thread milling can be an useful alternative to tapping. A broad range of thread milling cutters are manufactured in India.

Happy to partner with you in your applications, our technical team stays committed to support you for the development and implementation in your processes.

18/09/2017 |